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Ducco.png Duč Ducco.png
NicknameDuč, Dutch, Dutchette, Guilmus, Duck
DOB/AgeOctober 24th, 2004 (6462 days ago / 17 years ago)
FriendsKonnor88CrownIcon.png Konnor88
Englishicon.png Sossie
IsaacIcon.png Isaac
MLball.png ML5
StatusAlive, but no longer in the community

Duč is a former mapper and countryballer from the Netherlands, a member of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire and a moderator in the Mapper League, where he originally came from. He is known to be an exception to many rules and he is one of the only people on good terms with both Soundcard and Konnor88. He was the elected member of the Frontier Security Agency after the March 2020 elections, but was later given a permanent seat following Cipher's resignation (that was done to prevent impeachment). He has left TMAFE and ML on 23 May 2021 to focus on school and his life has been more peaceful after that.


  • As of March 2020 he was 1.96 meters tall (which is about 6.4 feet) and he weighed 75 kilograms (which is about 165 pounds).
  • He was one of the only leftists in TMAFE, but that surprisingly didn't make people dislike him.
  • He has made several alts, including Dachikimani, which was used to own the Mapper League server back in 2020 and Leila, which was a social experiment that claimed to be a girl from Belgium and ended up in some people calling it catfishing.
  • He is the first and currently only elected member of the FSA to lose the popular vote - more people voted for Alex17Studios, who had conceded during the election.