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* [[Manual of Style|The basics of editing]]
* [[Manual of Style|The basics of editing]]
* [[Frontierpedia:Staff list|List of staff]]
* [[Frontierpedia:Staff list|List of staff]]
* [[Help:Customization|Customizing a user page, avatar, and theme]]
* [[Help:Customization|Customizing a user page, avatar, or theme]]
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<div class="mainpage_box">

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Welcome to Frontierpedia! The main online encyclopedia for everything TMAFE related!

Frontierpedia is the successor to TMAFE Wiki (formerly the Konnor88 Wiki), which was created on June 13th, 2018. Frontierpedia had been a concept since 2019 and has been tried multiple times with this attempt finally succeeding.


  • June 12th, 2021 - The search feature inside the wiki has been improved and there is also an improved notification system.
  • April 25th, 2021 - The search bar and search page are now no longer case sensitive. This means means searching something such as "a" can make it show pages with capital As instead of nothing at all. Support for math symbols and math formulas was also added to the wiki.
  • April 18th, 2021 - HitCounter extension added. AbuseFilter has also been modified to prevent a nuke of the wiki, as TMAFE was nuked earlier and lost over 135 members from the rogue admin. It is also now possible to create a page from the sidebar.

Older News


  1. All of TMAFE's server rules apply here. These rules can be found in the #server-rules channel on TMAFE's Discord.
  2. Spam articles are not allowed and will be quickly deleted.
  3. Follow the wiki's manual of style.
  4. Obey all other rules of TMAFE such as the license agreement.
  5. Vandalizing of pages is strictly prohibited.
  6. Organizing raids on this wiki is prohibited.
  7. Doxxing information that a user wishes to keep private will result in permanent block.
  8. Doing or promoting illegal activity is strictly prohibited.
  9. Inserting false/misleading information is prohibited.
  10. Identity politics and discussion of them are prohibited as the state of Georgia doesn't recognize most topics regarding identity politics. This includes topics such as gender.
  11. Enjoy your time at Frontierpedia!