Norbika the Maker

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Win9XHelpIcon.png This article is about a historical user that is no longer relevant to the community.


NameNorbika the Maker
EnemiesTMAFicon.png The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire File:MSAgentCommunity-icon1.png The Microsoft Agent Community
LikesStealing characters,impersonating others, File:Macedonia-icon.webp.png North Macedonia
DislikesFile:Greece-icon.png Greece

Norbika the Maker was a user that stole Microsoft Agent characters and impersonated other users back in 2017-2018. He first started impersonating people in late 2017, and was immediately found by the other MS Agenters. His first few accounts were terminated, and only one account of his still remains to this day. The last account he made was known as "Konnor88VIDEO", and was later renamed Norbika the Maker, but it still retains the "Konnor88VIDEO" channel banner. Many people thought he was Future Sam or Kieran, but that is still unknown.


  • He was considered the number one enemy of Microsoft Agent, before being overtaken by MAV back in Mid 2018, and MAV later being overtaken by Soundcard in Late 2019, which was later overtaken by no one as of 2020.
  • His logo is a pink ROBLOX logo.
  • There were rumors of him being Kieran or Future Sam.
  • He is possibly from the Republic of North Macedonia.