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NamePakistanball Mapping
NicknamePakistanball Mapping, Pakistanball
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Pakistanball Mapping was a mapper who joined The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire back in 2019. He resides in the United States, and started his YouTube career on March 16th, 2019. As the name suggests, he produced mapping content. He also had a skill in making countryballs. He used Camtasia Studio 9 to edit and watched MS Agent videos, but didn't make them. In 2021, he attempted to start an Islamic revolution in the community and got banned. Since then, he only occasionally came in to try overthrowing the government again, before disappearing a few months later.


  • He has skills in editing and adding details to his maps.
  • He dislikes Baluchistan trying to be independent.
  • He was originally from Pakistan but immigrated to America when he was 6.
  • He hates toxic people.
  • He tried to overthrow TMAFE's government in 2021 and was banned.