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* It was formed by [[United World]].
* It was formed by [[United World]].
* It was founded in April of 2021.
* It was founded in April of 2021.
== Allies ==
* [[The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire]]
* [[The Empire of Chaoland]]
* [[Republic of Limberwisk]]

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UnitedIcon.png Republic of Unitedland UnitedIcon.png
GovernmentDemocracyicon.png Semi-Autocratic Right Wing Republic
LanguageEnglishicon.png English (Official)

India-icon.png Hindi

Bangladesh-icon.png Bengali
ReligionEarthicon.png All
FounderUnitedIcon.png United World
LeaderUnitedIcon.png United World
Konnor88CrownIcon.png Konnor88
EstablishedApril 15th, 2021
DemonymUnitedian (s)
Preceded byUnitedIcon.png United World Server V9

Republic of Unitedland is an e-nation founded by United World on April 15th, 2021. It was originally a standard Discord server for United before being changed into an e-nation around early-mid May of 2021. On Late-May 2021, The names of its roles were changed in which only Premiers could be in the top with Konnor being the owner of the server (despite not being the Premier) as he fixed tons of stuff and advanced the security of the server. On June 11th, 2021, Unitedland got it's first partnership in an server. However, the link was later deleted due to 4th Brigade nuking one of United's mapping friends. This e-nation is also a protectorate of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. Right now, it's currently fighting war against ML and it's allies in Community War 12.


  • It was formed by United World.
  • It was founded in April of 2021.