T-SERIES Mapping

Win9XHelpIcon.png This article is about a historical user that is no longer relevant to the community.

T-Series Mapping was an anti-mapper and raider that targetted the Mapping Community (Mapperdonia) and to a lesser-extent the Microsoft Agent community (TMAFE). He was originally known as "CHINESE Mapping" before changing his name to T-SERIES Mapping after his first few Discord server raids. The first raids done by TSM were reported to have been done in May 2019. Later that year, T-SERIES Mapping admitted that the raids were simply for attention. By May 2020, T-SERIES Mapping had stopped raiding Discord servers. The last known sighting of T-SERIES Mapping was on September 3rd, 2022, inside of a bat anti-mapping base where he stated that both anti-mapping and mapping are dead.

T-SERIES Mapping
T-Series Mapping Countryball.png
NameT-SERIES Mapping
NicknameT-SERIES Mapping, TSM, T-Series Charles, Shuriman, CHINESE Mapping
DOB/AgeApproximately 20 years old

Raids on Mapperdonia

Most of T-SERIES Mapping's Discord raids were focused on Mapperdonia, otherwise known as the Mapping Community. According to the Mapping Security Pact, T-SERIES Mapping had utilized over 100 alternative accounts to do various large-scale attacks.

June 9th raids

The June 9th, 2019 raids were the first raid of waves to be commenced by T-SERIES Mapping. It was suspected he chose June 9th, 2019 since the mapping leader at the time was on vacation. T-SERIES Mapping then launched a mass-raid attacking the majority of large mapping servers.

June 19th raids (T-Day I)

After the success of the June 9th raids by T-SERIES Mapping, a plan to destroy the mapping community was created. T-SERIES Mapping had planned the following steps:

   Late May-Early June: Minor server raids, minor dislike botting, build up to T-Day I
   Late June: Minor server raids, minor dislike botting, T-Day I, build up to T-Day II, building up to dislike bots
   July: Building up dislike bots, build up to T-Day II, build-up to T-Day III, minor server raids
   Early August: Major server raids, building up dislike bots, build up to T-Day II, build up to T-Day III
   Late August-Early September: T-Day II, Major dislike bot attacks, build up to T-Day III, minor server raids
   Late September-Early October: Build up to T-Day III, building up dislike bots, minor server raids
   Late October: Major server raids, building up dislike bots, Build up to T-Day III
   Early November: T-Day III, Major Dislike bot attack
   Late November: Death of Mapping

On June 19th, 2019, the T-Day I raids had begun, and severe damage was reported in many Mapping servers. However, many mapping servers were spared since T-SERIES Mapping had announced his plan days prior. T-SERIES Mapping had also utilized the YouTube copyright system, which was notoriously broken at the time, to copystrike many mapping channels.


After the mapping leader returned from vacation, counterattacks were scheduled. Rather than using the same raiding, nuking, doxxing, and copystrike tactics as the anti-mappers, they opted to use the Discord report system. This had proven to be a major success, with all three of T-SERIES Mapping's base servers being taken down.

Attacks on Microsoft Agent

Due to the closeness and intertwining of the Mapping and Microsoft Agent community, Microsoft Agent had also taken some damage from T-SERIES Mapping.

T-Day I

On T-Day I, T-SERIES Mapping attacked TMAFE's main Discord server, but was unsuccessful. However, his attacks on other Microsoft Agent Discord servers were successful. He was able to successfully manipulate the staff of TMAFE to be promoted in TMAFE's former mapping division, the United Mapping Nation. However, once T-Day I happened, T-SERIES Mapping nuked and raided the server following his attempt at attacking the main TMAFE server.

Later raids

After T-Day I, T-SERIES Mapping had continued to attack Microsoft Agent servers, most notably the United World server. T-SERIES Mapping also attempted to raid TMAFE again on March 2020 with no success.



T-SERIES Mapping's raids seemed as a wake up call to many servers who did not have great security measures in place. TMAFE, who had very tight security measures, was able to not suffer as much damage compared to the Mapping community. Many mapping servers with strong security measures also suffered little to no damage.


TMAFE and Mappers were introduced to different attack methods, most notably nuking. As a result of being introduced to these tactics, TMAFE and Mapping servers were able to put in additional measures to prevent them from happening.


  • TMAFE was able to withstand a lot of damage from T-SERIES Mapping and other anti-mapper raiders due to its strict security system.
  • He has made over 200 alternative accounts, and made over 80 accounts in one day while raiding one server at one point.
  • It was theorized that he was behind the 3x3x accounts.
  • He is the main reason on why United Mapping Nation was shutdown.
  • He has confirmed he was doing it for attention.