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03Tech is a TMAFE member that joined in May 2020. He makes technology content on YouTube, mainly centered around Windows and some Apple operating systems or phones. He was formerly known as TechGuy03 at the time, and has since stuck around in TMAFE, and became one of the most active members. He was also one of the people that introduced TMAFE to the Windows Horde, and let TMAFE integrate into itself as a territory. He also is a council member currently, and even served in council before the electable spot existed before getting replaced after a drama happened.


  • He is from the Netherlands.
  • He has one of the highest social credit counts in TMAFE out of all members.
  • He has autism.
  • He is working on a OS called Windows Cherryflower.
  • He helped TMAFE grow back after The Great Prune and fully reversed its effect within less than a month.