2021 Limberwisk Presidential Primary in Ujarak

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The 2021 Limberwisk Presidential Primary Election in Ujarak was held on June 1, 2021. With turnout measured at 7%, the winner of the election was LibFront over Konorsk Iljatravikie, the opposing candidate, which was with the Progressive Party.



Candidate Party Popular Vote Percentage
LibFront Progressive 748,819 66.7%
Konorsk Iljatravikie Progressive 373,848 33.3%
Nep Nep Progressive 0 0.0%
Total N/A 1,122,667 100%


Candidate Party Popular Vote Percentage
Ivanski Dolbirskalokie Democratic 1,122,667 100%
Seb Democratic 0 0%
Total N/A 1,122,667 100%