2nd Frontierian-Vyonder War

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The 2nd Frontierian-Vyonder war occurred on May 24th, 2020 and ended the same day. It started when CharacWORLD Vyonders were still actively trying to breach into Microsoft Agent, despite all Vyonders being expelled from Microsoft Agent during the 1st Frontierian-Vyonder War on May 29th, 2018. As a result of their actions, The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire declared war again, and immediately went on the offense. The first battle took place, with a major TMAFE victory. Later on the second and third battles, TMAFE also had another major victory. Once TMAFE stopped focusing on the smaller CharacWORLD channels, they went after the big ones. TMAFE did some of the biggest attacks it ever did in its history. In the final battle, Unbojih, the leader of the CharacWORLD Vyonders, surrendered and apologized. TMAFE then de-vyondified them, and frontierified all CharacWORLD Vyonders afterwards, destroying and removing any remnants of Vyond culture.


  • It was one of the most successful wars in Frontier history, with the CharacWORLD Vyonders losing almost every battle in the span of hours, and led to the full extermination of Vyonders in Microsoft Agent again, as they were originally exterminated on May 29th, 2018 during the 1st Frontierian-Vyonder War.
  • It lasted only a few hours, which is very short compared to other successful wars.