2nd Microsoft Agent Community

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2nd Microsoft Agent Community
Language English (Official)
Founder RovingCowboy
Leader RovingCowboy
EstablishedJuly 12th, 2001 (8261 days ago / 22 years ago)
Preceded by 1st Microsoft Agent Community
Succeeded by The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire (de jure)
Meme Lords (de facto)

The 2nd MS Agent Community was the 2nd MS Agent Community ever founded. It was founded in July 2001 by RovingCowboy. It was the successor to the 1st MS Agent Community and lead to the 1st MS Agent Community dying out. They were the first MS Agent Community to ever make Microsoft Agent videos, similar to the style that is made today. The 2nd community died around 2011-2012, with "meme lord invaders" from the BonziBUDDY meme at the time fully killing off the community.

Contact with TMAFE

On November 19th, 2018, the leader of the 2nd community had contact with TMAFE. However, the only members he talked to were Konnor88 and Brofist Monster. Despite the 2nd Community being long dead, TMAFE established a protectorate over the former owner and didn't tell any other Frontierians. However, the site used to contact him has been shut down as of 2020; and shortly before, TMAFE was proclaimed as the true successor to the 2nd community, thus falsifying the Meme Lord and Vyonder ruling period of MS Agent, and not making them successors.


Since the contact has ended, TMAFE is now allowed to disclose some secrets and information about the 2nd community, which can be found here:

  • A MS Agent Beta was announced on October 28th, 1996.
  • MS Agent 1.5 was released on September 8th, 1997.
  • MS Agent 2.0 was released on October 12th, 1998.
  • September 1997 - The 1st MS Agent Community was founded.
  • The first type/variant of "MS Agent Intro" was not made by Spidermanboy13, and was instead made by the 1st community in 1997.
  • 624 classic agents have been confirmed to exist by the 2nd Community, and TMAFE has approximately 79.9% (499) of them discovered.
  • Secret relations between TMAFE and former 2nd Community members have existed since November 19th, 2018; with only Konnor and Brofist having direct contact to the former leader of them.