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NameAlex Parr
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DislikesEnemies, people asking "When is AOL 3" or anything related to the "STOP ASKING ME" meme
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Alex Parr is a MS Agent Tuber. He is mostly known for making livestreams and he makes Microsoft Agent videos, but he mainly makes Alex's Odd Life. He has a series called "Alex as an MS Agent."

Alex's Odd Life

Alex makes a show called "Alex's Odd Life". It's about Alex's adventures with Matt and Elax. The official channel currently has 39 subscribers, and can be found here:

Retirement and Other Work

Alex currently retired from making MS Agent videos. He mainly focuses on Furby videos. He made an "April fools" video saying that their will be no April fools joke in 2019, but he lied and did an ear rape video.