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Ach-icon.png Anti-Countryhuman Horde Ach-icon.png
GovernmentHorde-icon.png Horde
LanguageEnglishicon.png English (Official)
Russia-icon.png Russian
ReligionChristianityicon1.png Christianity (Majority)
FounderFile:Stevejobsicon.png Steve Jobs
LeaderFile:Stevejobsicon.png Steve Jobs
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The Anti-Countryhuman Horde is a horde established by Steve Jobs to combat countryhumans. Countryhumans are often considered to be one of, if not the worst enemies of the Frontier, so Steve decided to form a horde against them. Just like the Anti-Countryhuman League territory of TMAFE, it does not raid other servers, and instead uses non-raiding tactics.


  • The flag is based on the Golden Horde flag.
  • The text literally translates to "Anti-Countryhuman Horde" from Frontierian. The name itself doesn't make much sense though.