Arvand Nucks

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Arvand-icon.png Arvand Nucks Arvand-icon.png
NameArvand Nucks
FriendsIsaac-icon.png Isaac

Noiconicon.png Brev

Ciphericon2.png Lucas

Kimiko-icon.png Kimiko
EnemiesKaito-icon.png Kaito
LikesFortnite, COD Mobile
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Arvand Nucks (as known as skcun) is a friend of Isaac from Isaac's school. Isaac told him everything about Kaito and then he decided to be in his crew. Cipher is currently helping him to stop Kaito from doxxing.


  • He is a Fortnite player.
  • He is one of Isaac's classmates in school.
  • He invited people to Isaakist G20 to stop Kaito and Raihan from doxxing.