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TheNixMin is a youtuber and Konnor88's former arch nemesis before Soundcard. He is interested in making 3d animations, funny memes and posts it on his Youtube channel.


NicknameFoxy, FoxyTheGuy724, MAV, BlueTone, Maktone, Jamtoen/Jamtone (Aldy and other close friends), Pijatone (El Rycster), NixelMinute, NixelMak, etc.
Friendsnewlazystuff01, Alden Moeller, Rycster, and some others.
NeutralKonnor88CrownIcon.png Konnor88, Pretty much the entire Frontier (mostly)
EnemiesSebastianIcon.png Sebastian
LikesPop tunes, playing video games, pizza, and other stuff.
DislikesDoing online schoolwork, etc

TheNixMin started as Microvids Readwell, and was commonly known as MAV. After a while in the MSAgent fandom, He quickly gained a reputation for being a really bad person because of His habits. After a while, TMAFE listed MAV (TheNixMin) as a enemy in 2018. In October of 2018, He was in TMAFE for a short period of time. Later, He was once again kicked from it, because He did "treason" by "brainwashing Mem".

In 2019, a peace treaty was MAV (TheNixMin) was made. However, MAV didn't follow the treaty so it has been broken. In May or April 2019, a video titled The Truth Behind The Fox was uploaded calling TheNixMin for all the horrible things he had done. This video got word out quickly to alot of communities including the Logo Community and Livestream Community. In December of 2019, MAV claimed that he had changed.

In 2020, Early-March MAV had uploaded The Truth Behind Konnor88 which had been heavily dislike-bombed and backfired for a while for his reputation. In Mid-March, He uploaded a response to the Frontier drama which sparked nothing much of talking. On 20th of March, he was let in FMOD for a while. The owner had no choice but to let Foxy in. However, his sentence was really short, barely even reaching 30 minutes. And he was let in the Frontier. Now in the present, a peace treaty was signed and he was forgiven for all the wrongs he has done. Unfortunately as of September, MAV didn't follow the treaty once again and he broke it once again, and was temporarily evicted from TMAFE with non-enemy status. He later came back and were in the community again as of October 2020, but then left the community, but soon returned shortly after. In December 2020, some drama happened between Chaogamer and some of his close friends, like Alden, which made him want to retire, but the drama eventually subsided, so he stayed. On January 7, 2021, MAV got banned from TMAFE Main Territory because of "brainwashing people" by Sossie, therefore he decided that he didn't want to be in Main Territory any longer, and retired officially. Despite all this, though, he is still not against TMAFE in any shape or form, as he still help Konnor88 on things. Nowadays, MAV changed his name to TheNixMin, and he came back to the main province as well.


  • He, along with Logan are the only two Frontier members who make 3D animations (except for the 3DMMers).
  • He was let into FMOD on March 21st, 2020.
  • He was a big meme maker, and started the "What happened to the good ol' days when kids played with toys?!!?!?" (with NLS01 and Skyler) and the "TMSAFE" (with NLS01, Phillip, and some others) meme.
  • Before March 2020 when he became an ally, he was the cause of what was called MAVID-18.
  • He live's in Queens, New York.
  • Despite coming from 2 Arabic-speaking countries (Tunisia and Egypt), Bleu does not speak any Arabic. He does speak a little bit of Spanish and is currently learning French.