BonziWORLD Kiddies

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BonziWORLD Kiddies
Kiddie symbol.png
NameBonziWORLD Kiddies
DOB/AgeMostly between 6 and 12, but ranging as far as from 3 to 17
FriendsDiogoicon.png Diogo
EnemiesTMAFicon.png The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire
SeamusIcon.png ItzCrazyScout
LikesBFDI, Children TV Shows, Vyond, NSFW
DislikesBonziWORLD Haters

BonziWORLD Kiddies are known as a Kiddie-class user group in TMAFE and other areas. They are enemies with The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire after TMAFE had discovered them during 2020, and are prohibited from joining TMAFE as they have the same status of Vyonders due to lots of them also liking Vyond.

"Kiddies" vs "BonziWORLD Kiddies"

Keep in mind that "kiddie" is more of a general term that describes immature angered and NSFW loving people. This is due to the fact that not all Kiddies are BonziWORLD users.


BonziWORLD Kiddies are also known for being - like many Kiddies - quite young. TMAFE compiled BonziWORLD log data from BWR and Bonzi.World from people stating their age (excluding trollers and liars), and found out:

  • 26.5% of BonziWORLD Kiddies are 7 years old, making 7 years old the major age group. The second largest age group are 11 years olds at 18.4%.
  • The youngest BonziWORLD Kiddie ever found was 3 years old.
  • Most are between the ages 6-12.




  • They milk Loskythecopydog77 content after ICS made the Losky virus.
  • Most BonziWorld Kiddies are allied with DiogoFan2020.
  • They use MASH to make "ANGRY MESSAGE TO X" videos
  • Most kiddies become enraged upon being called a "kiddie".
  • Logan is the oldest BonziWORLD Kiddie, being 17 years old.
  • BonziWORLD Kiddies are the most dangerous enemies to the Villagers in the Mob Wars universe. They are allied with Pillagers and Demons.
  • They have their own terminologies such as the word "kiko", which are incomprehensible to almost everyone else outside of their community.
  • Not all BonziWORLD users are BonziWORLD Kiddies, but most of them are.