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NicknameCipher, Cheaper, Lucas, Luc, Ceper, Chill Boyo (ML), Ciph, Cip, Lucciph, John, Johnny, Smith, John Smith, Johnny Smith, Lickass Crapuchino, 149, Fatpher, Fatpher666, Lickass
DOB/Age15 years old
EnemiesSebastianIcon.png Sebastian
IsaacIcon.png Isaac
Konnor88CrownIcon.png Konnor88
TSMIcon.png T-SERIES Mapping
Enemyicon1.png Impersonators
TMAFicon.png The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire
MLball.png The Bottom Pit
LikesMusic, Friends, Video games, ML, Summer season, BBC, Mapping, Art, Christianity (not really), Peace, Portugal, Chatting, Summer, Pineapples, Sapphires, Mediation
DislikesEnemies, TMAFE, SebastianIcon.png Sebastian, IsaacIcon.png Isaac

Cipher was a former member of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire and a former MS Agenter. He has been inside of TMAFE near the time it was founded on May 25th, 2018. He was also present inside of The Microsoft Agent Community and Operation Butler. His internet presence began back around 2015. In 2015, he joined YouTube under the alias LGBA. After the LGBA channel never taking off in popularity, Cipher decided to rebrand himself onto ReblockingChannel in 2016 and found himself as an enemy to Norbika9Entertainment and the rest of The Microsoft Agent Community. When Norbika sent United World to raid his channel with dislikes, ReblockingChannel had surrendered to the dislike bomb and had no other choice but toebrand himself to CipherAgent, with the "Agent" part of the name later being dropped off entirely. When TMAFE was first founded, Cipher had stated he would wait to join and finally joined a few days after its founding. Upon joining TMAFE, he had been banned on multiple occasions for breaking the rules. However, he was given multiple chances and was let back in. While he was in TMAFE, he had designed the Coat of Arms and the third and current TMAFE flag. He had very few controversies throughout 2019 and early 2020. In August 2019, when he was blocked by the majority of TMAFE, he had a secret Discord permission to delete the constitution, which angered a lot of members and even Konnor himself.

ML relations

When Cipher and the rest of FSA Council told Soundcard to invite them into ML, Cipher joined and stated he enjoyed the activity and people in the community From August 2020, Cipher had some controversies with two people he knew and met in ML and Resistance. He was later accused of stalking the two individuals. After getting called out about it inside of TMAFE, he became more active in ML and stayed inside ML. TMAFE was able to get Cipher to return again in December 2020. When Cipher came back, he regained his administrative power, and later was elected back into FSA council. His seat then turned permanent after the Second FSA Impeachment, which involved United World. His time away from ML would last until April 1st, 2021, when Soundcard allowed Frontierians to get into ML. Cipher took the opportunity to join. Afterwards, once he was banned in TMAFE again following a controversy, he returned to ML. He was able to retire from his seat before being impeached and was later declared a tier 6 enemy. When Cipher joined the ML, he decided to side with ML and became a full-time ML member and completely his former allies inside of TMAFE. This did not last long however, as he was banned from the ML itself soon after and returned to TMAFE. After being banned from TMAFE yet again, he remains an enemy to both communities and is often mocked by both.


Cipher is notable for causing large amounts of drama going all the way back to the times of The Microsoft Agent Community. Notable examples of this include the Doxxing War of 2018 and the multiple FMOD court cases against him. He is also known for fetishizing transgender people, attempting to groom Neethy, sexualizing his classmate, liking NSFW fanart/images on twitter, sending a death threat to one of his schoolmates, and guilt tripping by pretending to be depressed when things didn't go his way. His behavior over the years also showed substantial amounts of bootlicking community leaders, often reducing his activity to constantly agreeing with the leaders' beliefs. While initially treated well by TMAFE, all of this eventually came down on him and ruined his reputation. As of October 2022, his image has not recovered whatsoever and Cipher remains the butt of many jokes in TMAFE.


  • He was hacked by Gena once before, but now he established his 2FA system.
  • He's Portuguese and from Portugal.
  • He had been affiliated with MS Agent since late-2016.
    • He retired from MS Agent in May 2021, a month after rejoining the ML.
  • He was formerly known as CipherAgent before dropping Agent from his name.
    • Cipher did not have a clear identification of himself on the Internet in pre-2016. However, despite not having an official username before 2015, he still played games and watched YouTube (which he joined to make a channel in 2015).
  • He has been an enemy in TMAFE on multiple occasions, and as of 2022 is officially banned.