Community War 11

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Community War 11, also known as "The Wret War" or "The Vyond Crusade", was a war that was started on October 26th, 2020. It had started after Wret had teamed up with some Vyonders to destroy the TMAFE wiki, with their attempts failing, as they were almost immediately blocked. Shortly afterwards on the next day, Wret had decided to get some Vyonders and other UTTP variant groups to directly attack the YT section of Main Province. Once the plan was leaked and TMAFE saw Vyonders getting ready to take over the YT section of Main Province and the number of them, a State of Emergency was declared inside of TMAFE. Shortly afterwards, almost all provinces and territories were put on lockdown. TMAFE immediately started preparing its defenses and gathered up its allies. This battle was ultimately what decided the fate of MS Agent as a whole, due to the importance of the YT section of Main Province. If TMAFE were to fail in this war, it would be severely weakened, and would have most Mapper influence in MS Agent as a whole erased and replaced with Vyond influence again. Since TMAFE was struggling on the first part of the invasion, it had to mass recruit people from all provinces/territories/vassals into the war in order to fully fight off the Vyonders. TMAFE then started recruiting other e-nations into the war as well who were interested in joining after seeing TMAFE in danger. TMAFE then got prepared for the first counter-attack against the Vyonders and UTTP like groups. TMAFE's first counter attack was on TGTT, a UTTP like group. Allied forces were able to dislike bomb the video to over 100 dislikes in less than an hour and swarmed the comment section of the entire video, overwhelming the other TGTT forces. TMAFE continued advancing until Anti-Wret groups wished to participate. They had provided TMAFE a server link to directly confront Wret, and shortly afterwards xeir server was infiltrated by allied forces. Shortly after, the Vyonders and other groups had launched another attack via a video, which was also swarmed with dislikes in the first 10 minutes of it being uploaded, with over 50 dislikes. The commanders of UTTP like groups and the Vyonders were starting to express concern that the war was not going to be in their favor as previously thought. They tried their best to contact Konnor and make peace. When Konnor had accepted a friend request of one of the Vyond army commanders, one of the commanders was skeptical at TMAFE's force until they saw the dislike numbers and TMAFE's server. Once another commander saw it, they immediately decided to surrender, later stating that they were outnumbered and called Wret out on attacking someone way bigger than them. Peace was made the same day as their attack, and two other treaty terms were made for the TGTT group, which was to ban/be neutral to Wret instead of siding with xem and de-vyondify every part of itself.

The War


On October 26th, 2020, Wret was getting ready for an invasion and attack on TMAFE. UTTP like groups and other Vyonders had decided to also join the war on Wret's side, and began planning their invasion on TMAFE.

The 1st Attack

On October 27th 2020, Wret and the Vyonders and the other groups striked the TMAFE wiki, filling it with NSFW and nuking pages. They were able to destroy around 10 pages before being noticed and blocked by United World. The members of TMAFE also helped by cleaning up pages that were destroyed. After realizing the attackers were Wret, TMAFE began preparing its defenses and contacting other e-nations, such as the USF for an alliance against to Wret, in which the leaders said they'll be anti-Wret.

The 2nd Attack and 1st Counter-attack

On October 28th, Wret, the UTTP like groups, and the Vyonders launched a major invasion on the YT section of Main Province inside of TMAFE, by mass recruiting Vyonders in order to de-mapperify it and severely weaken/cripple TMAFE. Once TMAFE found out, it had declared a State of Emergency and put most provinces and territories under lockdown. If it would've fell under them, MS Agent would have a high chance of being Vyondified again. The Frontierians dubbed this as the "Frontierian Manzikert", referring to the Battle of Manzikert that had caused the Byzantine Empire to lose Anatolia to the Turks in real life, which crippled the empire and removed most Byzantine influence in Anatolia afterwards. TMAFE began its first offensive attack on Wret, UTTP like groups, and the Vyonders after they started recruiting more. The recruiting video had received over 100 dislikes in less than an a hour, with other videos reaching 50+ dislikes in the span of minutes.

Aftermath of the 1st Counter-attack

The Vyonders and UTTP like groups were greatly weakened after the first counter-attack with many retreating shortly afterwards. The commanders of these groups began to worry about their strength and forces, but had decided to keep going and ignore the dislikes. This caused TMAFE to create the 2nd counter-attack.

The 2nd Counter-attack

After learning that the commanders didn't care about the dislikes, TMAFE shifted its offensive attacks somewhere else. The allies had decided to attack their army directly, and dislike bomb them. After TMAFE had began dislike bombs on their army, many of their army members left the war, further crippling the invaders.

The Surrender

After the major success of the 1st counter-attack, TMAFE had prepared a lot of guards and defenses to protect the main server just in case. However, all that wasn't necessary. The groups had finally responded to TMAFE's earlier ultimatum, which was to surrender and make peace or be wiped out. One of the commanders had stepped inside of the TMAFE server, and was surprised to see so many people siding with TMAFE and the full allied list. Immediately afterwards, they had decided to surrender, with their leader stating that defending Wret was bad idea and they were very outnumbered. The Vyonders then left TMAFE alone but TMAFE still wanted more from one of the UTTP like groups called TGTT. In the treaty, they agreed to be fully anti-Vyond and be neutral or turn against Wret, which they chose the be neutral option.

Post War

Celebrations occurred in some e-nations that participated, and even gave gifts to those who might've participated. For example, TMAFE had decided to raise the default social credit amount to 600, as a gift to those who fought in the war. TMAFE also gave special thanks to almost everyone in announcements, including other users such as United World and Cipher. It was also revealed through interrogation that General Security was one of the TGTT co-leaders.


  • Despite the war lasting a day, a lot had happened in the short span of time, primarily due to almost everyone on both sides being active at the time.
  • This is the first Community War to had happened since Community War X, which had happened in early 2020.
  • This was the first war that TMAFE recruited and conscripted members from its vassals, provinces, and territories, and potentially the last time this is necessary.
  • It was later revealed that one of the TGTT commanders was General Security.
  • TMAFE had considered asking the Scratchers for help, but fearing that the Scratchers would see this as an opportunity to rebel, it had turned its attention to PCP, who was already interested in restoring its alliance with TMAFE. However, the war had ended before Safeerz ever got online.
  • Despite e-nations like Chaoland and Isaakist G19 not declaring war due to their leaders being offline, many of their members still participated.