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Community War 12 was a war that started out on June 5th, 2021 after members from ML5 had raided Frontierpedia and created spam articles. Due to that, The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire was extremely upset with their actions and demanded them to stop. This continued before escalating into a full out argument. Cipher then told Chaogamer how porn is normal, which was not met with a positive reaction from Frontier members. Following minutes of arguing, this situation quickly escalated into a war between TMAFE and ML. The conflict ended on July 30th, 2021.

The Frontierpedia Attack

The Frontierpedia attack was lead by some ML members and was done by creating spam articles with letters or names like "100 reasons why TMAFE sucks". These articles were quickly removed and had their titles blacklisted. After it kept going, TMAFE had blocked some as a warning. The TMAFE server had already taken alert earlier and this generated mass panic. Eventually, most of the population had demanded TMAFE go to war with ML. Every member of the FSA Council, ULB, and FSS agreed that this was necessary, and then Konnor declared war on ML.

The Silent Protest

The silent protest was done inside the Sketchers United server to test their loyalty towards Soundcard. TMAFE members had joined the server and attempted to stay completely silent. Members of the server quickly took notice of this and got the attention of some of the TMAFE members that had joined, as someone with PCP in their name that Konnor bribed broke silence and started threatening all the admins and members before blocking Konnor and then presumably getting banned from the server. Eventually, Konnor himself was also banned, and the owner of the Sketchers United server joined TMAFE itself to hackban most of its users. He was eventually banned and removed from the server. TMAFE then proceeded to start a MAGA rally with users from Gab and Parler on a private message chat inside their platform (more information in the next section). Afterward, TMAFE had used a scare tactic to rat out the final spies inside of TMAFE and sent one of their own spies from Scratch Province District #2 to scout the server, but he was later banned.

MAGA rally

Following the aftermath of the silent protest, TMAFE immediately alerted large conservative social media sites like Parler and Gab about the platform and called for a boycott of it. Some users from Parler and Gab decided to join TMAFE and hold a MAGA rally on Sketchers United. They were banned by the administrators after joining for hate speech. The owner of Sketchers United also revealed his dislike towards conservatives. Later on, it eventually trended on the Parler trending tab with a group of people mad at SU; the amount of people taking action is disputed as the Frontier claimed there were far more than what the moderators of Sketchers United said. TMAFE later tried to re-contact some of the Parler users that joined after what happened but was met with no response.

G19 Alt Strike

Shortly after the Parler / Gab support came, some members of Isaakist G19 had decided to do a secret attack without notifying TMAFE or Isaac and go inside the verification channel of ML from an invite leftover inside the TMAFE server. They used alternative accounts to mass ping all three administrators of ML, which included Soundcard, Neethy, and Vis/Lantern. They were banned shortly after a few hours and ML had hidden its verification channel entirely.

The Second Frontierpedia Attack

The Second Frontierpedia attack was lead by ML and managed to nuke around 70 pages of Frontierpedia. It lasted for about an hour total until Konnor got online and disabled account creation, blocked the raider accounts, and restored all pages. He also had deleted any leftover spam articles created during the raid. Soundcard and Cipher were the main perpetrators of the attack, with Nilai and Ulain possibly assisting in the attack.

The Third Frontierpedia Attack

The Third Frontierpedia attack was yet another attack lead by ML that only did small damage to pages. This mainly consisting of small amounts of vandalism and mass file vandalism. The abuse filter had managed to stop most of the vandalism. Chaogamer and a few others also had provoked Soundcard on their user talk page during the attack, before Soundcard was blocked by United World after Konnor fixed an internal error that prevented blocking.

The Livestream Attack

The Livestream attack was an attack on Konnor88's livestream. Cipher had pointed out in ML5 chat that Konnor was streaming at the time. When SC took notice, multiple alternative accounts were being used in the stream to annoy other people watching. This lead to Konnor stepping away from the stream at around the 20-minute mark and letting Seamus take over for the rest of the stream while Konnor dealt with Soundcard. After about over an hour of arguing and fighting inside the livestream chat, the stream had ended. Some members of FSA considered the stream a success, as it allowed for stream moderators to block most of Soundcard's YouTube accounts.

The Fourth Frontierpedia Attack

The Fourth Frontierpedia attack was another attack lead by ML on Frontierpedia that created over 100 spam articles. Upon Konnor discovering the damage, he immediately deleted all of the newly created pages and blocked the account responsible for creating over 100 spam articles. Members of the Frontier's server had alerted Konnor of the attack initially - upon checking the Frontierpedia log inside TMAFE, action was taken.

The Second Livestream Attack

The Second Livestream attack was another attack that targeted Konnor88's YouTube livestreams. It started after Soundcard had infiltrated the live chat inside of Konnor's "Installing the Windows 11 Insider Build" livestream and ended shortly afterward. The stream was also dislike bombed in the process but these dislikes would later be removed by YouTube.

The Treaty

On June 29th, 2021, a peace treaty between ML and TMAFE had been decided and it allowed for Soundcard, Neethy, and Lantern to enter TMAFE and allowed Konnor88, United World, and Isaac to enter ML. Unfortunately, this treaty did not last a long time - it immediately started cracking upon SC stating that Cyberblue had been reported before the treaty and joking about reporting Konnor88 and his alt. This lead to 2 shit storms the same day before SC was once again ejected. The treaty was later called off in DMs, but Neethy and Lantern were both allowed to stay as long as they didn't violate any rules.


Aside from a few Frontierpedia attacks done by the ML, the war was stagnant and later ended on July 30th, 2021 after Soundcard and TMAFE agreed to leave each other alone for good. The Frontierpedia page about Soundcard was removed shortly after the agreement.



  • This was originally going to be the Frontierian-ML war, but later escalations lead it into becoming the 12th Community War.
  • Soundcard and Cipher were the most important targets of TMAFE before the escalation.
  • Despite the results of a social credit icon poll ending after the war had started, TMAFE still accepted the social credit logo designed by Soundcard. Social credits were deprecated soon after.
  • Cipher's message about NSFW that mistakes it for sex in general and the Frontierpedia attack were the two main influences of the war.