Conservative Party (TMAFE)

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Conservative Party
NameConservative Party
FoundedDecember 2019
Registered97.1% (July 2021)
Alignmentcenter-right to right
SloganKeep TMAFE great!
FSA Council seats
10 / 10
Upper-Legislative Branch seats
8 / 8
FSS seats
5 / 5
E-nationThe Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire

The Conservative Party of TMAFE is a right-wing conservative political party inside of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. It was founded in December 2019 upon the first advisor election. It continued to exist and win every advisor election until the advisor elections were removed and replaced with FSA Council elections. All other parties besides the Conservative Party were deleted due to them always receiving zero to two votes every election. It got introduced a rival called the LibRight Party. The main difference between the LibRight and Conservative parties of TMAFE was that the Conservative Party was more pro-authority and the LibRight Party was pro-liberty.

It is the rival of the Liberal Party, which currently holds no seats in all three branches of TMAFE's government, thus granting the Conservative Party of TMAFE a supermajority and a full trifecta. The demographics of the party skew towards Frontierians, Mappers, and Techies. The party contains only a few logo editors and no scratchers, both of which are known for being the most left-wing groups inside of TMAFE.


The primary stances of the Conservative Party are conservatism and nationalism. The party wants to keep TMAFE away from progressive ideas and prefers to keep furries, vyonders, and other TMAFE enemy groups as enemies and even take more aggressive stances against them. Some other stances include supporting two genders, getting rid of xenopronouns, and not taking tone indicators seriously. The party's stance on nationalism is keep it strong in TMAFE and focusing more on keeping other non-Conservative Party voting groups from trying to progress TMAFE's culture.


Advisor elections

The Conservative Party performed well in TMAFE advisor elections and had won almost every advisory election with a large majority of the vote. Other parties usually received none or one vote throughout these elections until advisor elections were scrapped.

Council seat elections

The Conservative Party and the LibRight Party that had integrated inside of the Conservative Party later won every council seat election as of July 2021. The main reason for this is due to it being the only choice as TMAFE citizens were upset at the presence of a Liberal Party. TMAFE administrators also agreed it was pointless as it always received only zero to two votes. The Liberal Party was brought back after FSA council temporary spot election of July 2021.


  • It was founded in December 2019 by Sossie upon Advisor elections being created the same month.
  • It currently uses the same logo as the Republican Party, which is the conservative party of the United States.
  • It holds a supermajority and a trifecta in all three TMAFE branches.
  • The main groups registered with it are Frontierians, Mappers, and Techies.
  • The slogan "Keep TMAFE great!" is a reference to the "Keep America great!" slogan used in the 2020 presidential election of the United States.