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Inknimationsicon1.pngMatt CosmanInknimationsicon1.png
NameMatt Cosman (not real name)
FriendsAlex, Elax (sometimes), Mem, Terence, Antcruz, Giggity, AngryBirdman03, Purpley, United, Konnor, Sebastian, sossie, Iluy, etc
EnemiesNorbika the Maker, Elax (sometimes), Norbert
LikesPizza, friends, video games, video game consoles, plug & play consoles, cartoons, Discord, AtGames, 3DMM, MSAgent
DislikesGo!Animate, HP, horrible video games, horrible video game consoles, horrible cartoons, spammers, LJN, fight videos

Matt is a former a Microsoft Agent Tuber that does game reviews, AtGames music rips, 3DMM vids, and more. Like Alex, he betrayed The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire twice as he also became good and bad twice before a truce happened twice.


  • He is (probably) one of the only two MS Agent Tubers to collect old video game systems and plug & play consoles, the other being Alex Parr.
  • His favorite MSAgent characters are PM_Green and MaxALERT.
  • He has worked with AngryBirdman03 to make Baldi's Basics mods like "AngryBirdman03's Basics in Education and Learning", "PM_Green's Tutorial to Awesome Cartooning", and "Matt's Basics in Art and Animation".
  • He is currently animating and voicing the second episode of Alex's Odd Life (or the third episode, if you count the pilot as an episode)
  • As of December 25, CosToons has quit the Frontier due to all the drama that's going on, but he is still making MSAgent videos despite this.
  • As of the end of February 2019, CosToons has rejoined the Frontier after the community war was finally put in a end.
  • He, AngryBirdman03, Alex Parr, and Logan are (probably) the only four that also make 3DMM vids.
  • On 20 August 2019, Matt made a rant about TMAFE.
  • In February 2020, Matt left TMAFE. However, he occasionally comes back to visit.