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Cyberblue is a American gamer, youtuber, mapper, and proud member of TMAFE. Cyberblue is a member of the FSA and the higher FSS body, and is arguably one of the most powerful men in TMAFE besides Konnor88. Cyberblue is a member of the TMAFE Conservative Party and a soundfuck disrespecter. He lives in the United States but also shares German heritage.

Cyberblue is very popular in TMAFE and good friends with Konnor, Issac, and others in the FSS and TMAFE higher-ups.


  • He is from Missouri, USA.
  • He is 16 years old.
  • His favorite color is blue, except on election night when it changes to red.
  • His favorite food is Pepperoni Pizza.
  • He is obnoxiously southern, and isn’t a damn bit ashamed either.