December 2021 TMAFE Advisor election

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December 2021 FSA Council temporary spot election
← May 2020 December 8th, 2020 (Primary election)
December 10th, 2021 (Final election)
January 2022 →
Candidate Unbojih United World
Party Conservative Party United Independent Party
Primary election 36.4% 56.8%
Final election 54.5% 45.5%

Candidate Duč Isaac
Party Liberal Party Isaakist Party
Primary election 4.5% 2.3%
Final election Eliminated Eliminated


TMAFE Advisor before election

Conservative Party

Elected TMAFE Advisor

Conservative Party

The December 2021 TMAFE Advisor election occurred on December 8th and 10th. It was the first advisor election since May 2020 Advisor election. Four candidates registered for the advisor position, with Unbojih, United World, and Isaac running under parties that caucus with the Conservative Party while Duč was running under the Liberal Party. In a major upset, Unbojih defeated United World in the final election for the advisor position. TMAFE's electorate expressed dissatisfaction with United's endorsement of Greek Revolutionary Mapping in the December 2021 FSA Council temporary spot election. United World was eventually disqualified for fraud, further solidifying Unbojih's victory. United World also went into TMAFE with an alternative account to troll the chat following the election and his disqualification.


Campaigning consisted of individuals spamming chat revive ping and telling people in other territories to vote for them.


United World was expected to win upon entering the election. However, his endorsement of a Liberal candidate in the council election costed him votes and caused an upset of Unbojih winning.

Date Ranking
December 7th, 2021 Safe Conservative


December 2021 TMAFE Advisor election (Primary)
Party Candidate % ±%
Conservative United World 56.8%
Conservative Unbojih 36.4%
Liberal Duč 4.5%
Conservative Isaac 2.3%
Total 100%
December 2021 TMAFE Advisor election (Final)
Party Candidate % ±%
Conservative Unbojih 54.5%
Conservative United World 45.5%
Total 100%
Conservative hold


  • This was the first advisor election since the May 2020 advisor election.
  • This election used the old parties, however, those parties must caucus with one of the two main parties.
  • United World won the Main Province by one vote while Unbojih carried large victories in the other territories and provinces that had votes.