Dian Dianov/Blue Bluenov

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Dian Dianov/Blue Bluenov
Blue Bluenov's Current YT Profile.jpg
FriendsSubscribers, Supporters
LikesHis own Alternative Accounts, Microsoft Agent, Scratch, Kinemaster, Logos, Stress Reducer Desktop Destroyer
DislikesPeople who dislike him and his content

Dian Dianov (also known as Blue Bluenov) is a YouTuber that makes Microsoft Agent videos and other content. He has an infamous history of what he has done verbally (online) and is considered one of the minor enemies to The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire.

Fragility against Criticism

One of the many examples of Dian Dianov/Blue Bluenov misinterpreting and perceiving those questioning his antics or actions as inferior.

Many have criticized his abnormal comments and content, calling him out in videos. It has been shown he does not take any form of criticism (regardless if being constructive) whatsoever. The result being, that he breaks down and attempting to defend himself without any evidence and painting those who dislike him as 'UTTP users' or horrible people.


Hate Videos

Dian Dianov/Blue Bluenov has mass uploaded content aiming at those who he dislikes. Some of them are in a style of a Vyonder's/GoFag's, which is ironically one of the sole parts of his internet personality. Some of them are 'angry' messages which are supposed to critically and intentionally anger those who hate him. Some of the members from TMAFE were targeted from these, and those who are innocent were as well. Many have been aware of this, and offered opposite opinions, which led to him blocking them from both of his channels.

Alternative Accounts

It is confirmed true that Dian Dianov/Blue Bluenov had created multiple channels, attempting to pose as different people. When being exposed for it, he denied any supported claims of him hiding behind those accounts. These accounts (or channels) include: Redband7, Matias Mateo Tirado Paz, Jayden Gibson Rovall, etc.

Mass Producing False Accusations

It has been informed that Dian Dianov/Blue Bluenov has a recent pattern of falsifying accusations, such as prosecuting those who are 'responsible' for making different versions of his MASH character without permission. However, there is no evidence to his accusations to back it up, potentially pinpointing them as invalid. Examples of the victims that nearly fell to this were: DanCey, Viktor the Kyo Kusangi fan 2021.

References in Other Media

The reputation of him has been spawned in multiple YouTube videos. Viktor the Kyo Kusangi Fan 2021 made a MASH-styled commentary video on him, followed by a Microsoft Agent Fun Short poking fun at him. He was so well known that a documentary titled The Aggravating Cycle of Dian Dianov/Blue Bluenov was made (with the collaborators being TheGiggityPringles (Giggity), United World, & Lucciph077 (Lucciph).