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NameDiogo Mendes
NicknameDiogoFan2020, Diogo The Object Thingy, DTOT, Doggis
FriendsVyonderIcon.png BonziWORLD Kiddies
EnemiesTMAFicon.png The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire Noiconicon.png Almost everyone besides BonziWORLD Kiddies
LikesBonziWORLD, Logoss


DiogoFan2020, or just Diogo for short, is a Logo Editor and former MS Agent Tuber from Castelo Branco, Portugal. He is currently an enemy of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. He is also one of the most banned people, as he has been banned 2-3 times in 1 month before, but he is usually forgiven and let go from Frontier Military Occupation District immediately after he finishes his sentences.


  • His old channel had nearly 400,000 subscribers on YouTube before being hacked and later deleted.
  • He is currently a logo editor, and has been since at least 2017.
  • He stopped uploading Microsoft Agent content in early 2018.
  • When he was in TMAFE, he was one of the Frontierians that are from Portugal, with another one being Cipher.
  • He has threatened to doxx Olaf and has a belly button fetish, for which he was put into FMOD for 7 weeks. The sentence was extended to 9 weeks later due to an alt of his begging to get Diogo unbanned.
  • He has been known to sexually harrass people like Alison and Dafni, both on Discord and Hangouts, saying he wants to have sex with them and tries to begin a sex roleplay. The same with Olaf too.
  • He is currently on Tier 5 and permanently banned from TMAFE, with users having to block him, this is unlikely to change anytime soon.