Frontier Security Agency

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Frontier Security Agency
Coat of arms or logo
Logo of the Frontier Security Agency.
Flag of the Frontier Security Agency
Flag of the Frontier Security Agency
Lower branch of TMAFE Legislature
Term limits
Political groups
Majority (10)

Minority (0)

Length of term
1 month
Last election
April 2022 FSA Council elections
Next election
May 2022 FSA Council elections
The Microsoft Agent Frontier Constitution

The Frontier Security Agency is a branch of government in The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire that was formed on July 20th, 2019. It currently serves as the lower-government branch of TMAFE, and has 10 elected members. These members are known as "Council members", and are given a special role inside of TMAFE above the administrator role. The Frontier Security Agency has the same powers as a TMAFE administrator but is given more authority over TMAFE as a whole as they are allowed to vote on major decisions suggested by Konnor88 or another FSA Council member. If a proposal gets more than 5 votes (or has 5 votes with the monarch as the tie breaker), it can be accepted by the monarch or rejected by the monarch or the Frontier Secret Service.


The Frontier Security Agency was founded by Konnor88, Sebastian, and United World initially following an incident relating to Vorbis inside of the main server of TMAFE. This original area was known as "Area 66", which was later used for war plans, peace plans, and general discussion. Area 101 was created during the anti-mapping raids against mapping and TMAFE to protect TMAFE from anti-mappers and anti-mapping raid groups. Area 169 was founded by Sossie following incidents of people being impersonated inside of TMAFE. However, these areas would all go on into being merged into the Frontier Security Agency Council. The Frontier Security Agency also had a lower role than Council called "Frontier Security Agency Agents". These Agents were used for spying on enemy servers or for doing tasks that the Frontier Security Agency Council would normally do. All agents were laid off following an incident in June 2020 after two secrets were leaked.

Following the creation of the Frontier Security Agency Council after the merge of the previous three areas, Konnor88 was allowed to appoint council members rather than have them directly elected. Konnor88 would eventually introduce an electable seat in December 2020 that members could run for. In February 2022, Konnor88 and the Frontier Security Agency Council both agreed that all seats could be made electable with the elimination of term-limits for members. The February 2022 FSA Council elections were the first elections to be held with all seats up for election.

After the elected-spot system was introduced, Konnor88 gave the Frontier Security Agency Council more authority over TMAFE with the ability to make decisions for the entirety of TMAFE, with approval from the monarch and the FSS.


In June 2020, after two secrets were leaked from the Frontier Security Agency Council, it was decided by the Council to have the entity disbanded. However, on June 25th, 2020, the Frontier Security Agency Council was restored.

Electable Spot

Main article: FSA Council Electable Spot elections

Before swapping to a system that had all seats up for election, Seat #10 used to be the seat for the elected-spot in the FSA Council, where members could vote on a representative to send. January 2022 FSA Council temporary spot election was the temporary spot election before the all-seats electable system was chosen.


A member would have to had followed these requirements to be eligible for running in the elected-spot:

  • Be in one of the two political parties
  • Not have restricted or super restricted access.
  • Not be a troublesome member in the last 2 months.
  • Acknowledge attempting to abuse your power will result in a permanent ban from running with no exceptions.
  • Be in the server for 20 consecutive days.
  • Not have a positive connection with enemies.
  • Agree to follow the same rules as administrator and moderator.


  • The Frontier Security Agency Council is limited to 10 people.
  • The Frontier Security Agency used to have an "Agent" rank before being eliminated in June 2020.
  • It was once disbanded in early June 2020. However, it returned on June 25th, 2020, but only the council part returned.