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Infoboxes are used to present information in a box on the right side of the page. They can be inserted via putting the data for an infobox on a page. Here is a list of example infoboxes that can be used. The infobox content can be copied from the source editor.

Infobox Enation

The e-nation infobox is an infobox used for e-nations or communities.

{{Infobox Enation|title1=Example|image1=Example.png|caption1=Example|government=Example|language=Example|religion=Example|founder=Example|leader=Example|established=Example|demonym=Example|census=Example|currency=Example|national_animal=Example


Infobox User

The user infobox is an infobox used for users or individuals.

{{Infobox User|title1=Example|image1=Example.png|caption1=Example|name=Example|nickname=Example|age=Example|friends=Example|netural=Example|enemies=Example|likes=Example|dislikes=Example|status=Example}}

Infoboxes in use

Here are the above infoboxes being used when copied and pasted onto a page.