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Iluyemoji.png Iluy95studios Iluyemoji.png
NicknameIluy, Iluy95
FriendsUnitedworldicon1.png United World

Konnor88kingicon.png Konnor88

Noiconicon.png Blays

Isaac-icon.png Isaac

Inknimationsicon1.png CosToons

Noiconicon.png Gamer4life

Aydenwavraicon.png Ayden

Thegiggitypringlesicon2.png TheGiggityPringles

Ciphericon2.png Cipher

Sonicbobicon1.png Terence Hedges
EnemiesTseriesmapping1icon.png T-SERIES Mapping
LikesGaming, Live-streams, The Simpsons, Family Guy, VeggieTales, Super Monsters (in Netflix), Spongebob, The Lion Guard, Toy Story 4, The Lion King (1994 And 2019), Minions, Baldi’s Basics, SayGames’s Games On IOS, KTB (KickTheBuddy), Template Run 2
DislikesBeing insulted, being called names, enemies

Iluy95Studios is a MSAgent Tuber from Israel. On July 3rd, 2017, he joined YouTube, but he was considered a "bad user" by Norbika9Entertainment. However, on the 25th of July 2017, he was now a "good user" as he was forgiven by CargoPlaneJumboJet495 and Norbika9Entertainment. In 11th of January 2018, he became a "bad user" again because he blackmailed Norbert, however, this was false. In 24th of January 2018, he became a good guy again. On May 25th, 2018, he joined TMAFE and was one of the first to join. In June or July 2018, he was an enemy, as he was listening to an NSFW song, Dame Tu Cosita. In 27th of October 2018, he became an ally once again and he stopped listening to the NSFW song.


  • He is from Israel.
  • He made MS Agent content from 2017 until mid-late 2019 where since then has stopped making ms agent videos.