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Isaac-icon.png Isaac Isaac-icon.png
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NicknameIsaac, Ishak (called by Sebastian), Isak (Called by Cipher but not much), Isyak (called by handsomeboy23344), アイザック (called by grandparents)
DOB/Age15 years old
FriendsFile:Konnor88icon.png Konnor D.
Sebastianicon1.png Seb
Englishicon.png Sossie
Unitedworldicon1.png Another friend from Asia
Goodicon1.png All other allies
EnemiesCipherIcon.png Lickass
LikesFile:Poland.gif Polandball, MS Agent, Baldi's Basics, MikuMikuDance, Railfanning, Cartman-icon.png South Park, Hilda
DislikesCommunisticon.png PKI (Communism), being reported by Soundcard, File:Naziicon.gif nazism, Nibber Monkey Terrorist group-icon.png Monyet group, CipherIcon.png Lickass

Isaac is a MSAgent Tuber who comes from Indonesia. He is one of the three MSAgent Tubers from Asia (the other ones are United World and JDW7F2K09). He joined the community in July 2017.

In July 2018, he and Haytrez (Zerty) hacked Mem and he was an enemy of the Frontier. He tried to apologize but it was declined. On 17th August (Indonesian Independence Day 2018), he returned to the community.

Conflict against Cipher

Somewhere in the early December 2021, he hosted a joke event to spam the copypasta of Cipher's vent, until Cipher decided to delete all the copypastas sent. Shortly after, he started another rally to call Cipher out for censoring people with free speech, and eventually, Cipher got banned by Isaac.

Not long later, he started to investigate on Cipher's twitter account, until he finds out that Cipher started liking NSFW art, furry NSFW, and real NSFW pics. He was so disgusted that he started to investigate on Cipher's server over his activities, which did not end well.

After his spy account got banned, he hosted an event to storm Cipher's discord server by mass pinging and spamming one of the copypastas him and the others used to spam in the early December 2021, and the raid was a success as Cipher started to freak out so bad.

Few months later, he managed to contact one of Cipher's classmates. Multiple attempts failed until he successfully contacted the last classmate. He explained basically the most notable controversies Cipher made, and even the same copypasta from December. Shortly after, Cipher's classmate decided that the discussion should be continued on Discord by adding another classmate of his. After a few conversations, he found out that Cipher actually sent a death threat to one of his female classmates, and simping on a lesbian girl by sitting next to her. In the end, they sent the copypasta to Cipher's WhatsApp dms.

Few months later, Cipher found out that Isaac sent the copypasta to Cipher's classmates, and then he decided to cut ties with TMAFE and others related to them.


All the people that you can see on the list on the infobox.


Danish -Used to dox me and he told the truth that he's a puppet of that Nazrin monkey


Nazrin - He keeps hating on Isaac's friend - Dhani, who has ADHD and autism, not understanding that this is the reason for which he is so annoying. He also doxxed many people.

Cipher - Haha you large man Johnny Smith, please stop simping for her, fictional characters, OCs and countries. K? Thank you <333 also you're a snowflake who can't handle every jokes I make, although I used to be one, but I changed.


  • He is from Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • He's the current president of Isaakist G19