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SeamusIcon.png ItzCrazyScout SeamusIcon.png
NicknameSeamus, SeamusMario, Seamusmario55, KrazyLittleSoldier
DOB/Age16 years old
FriendsGoodicon1.pngall of his allies
EnemiesVyonderIcon.png BonziWORLD Kiddies

ItzCrazyScout is a member of the Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. He was the leader of Operation Butler. He joined TMAFE in 2018 a few months after it was founded.


  • On November 13th, 2019, he was manipulated By Koloax which forced him to invite MAV into his group but later kicked him and unfriended him in Steam.
  • The drama between him and Losky was one of the causes of Community War 4.
  • He once was in the object show fandom, which was the reason for the object show influence in OB, but he had to quit due to the same drama that caused CW4.
  • He hosted an open-source mirror of BonziWORLD called BonziWORLD Revived, however he shut it down due to most of its users breaking the rules.
  • He pretended to have been groomed by Losky, revealing that Losky didn't groom him in 2021 but later going back to those claims. He has however now stopped using those claims as he has told the others that it was a lie.