January 2022 FSA Council temporary spot election

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January 2022 FSA Council temporary spot election
← December 2021 December 19th, 2022 February 2022 →
Candidate Chaogamer Cat Gamer 1
Party Conservative Party Conservative Party
Percentage 94.4% 5.6%

Results of the election

Council member before election

General Security
Conservative Party

Elected Council member

Conservative Party

The January 2022 FSA Council temporary spot election had occurred on January 19th, 2022. The incumbent of the temporary seat General Security was term-limited and thus cannot seek re-election. Both Chaogamer and Cat Gamer 1 were running under the Conservative Party. Chaogamer won the election once all the results were in.


Chaogamer began campaigning early as soon as he declared his candidacy. He campaigned on issues such as bringing more common sense into TMAFE and focused on religious and social issues. Chao had also rallied the server into banning all neopronouns instead of banning a select few and has also stated he will be playing full offense on progressives.


List of council endorsements
Council member Endorsement
Konnor88 Chaogamer
United World Chaogamer
Oleg Karginti Chaogamer
Cyberblue Chaogamer
General Security Chaogamer


Chaogamer was largely expected to win the election.

Date Ranking
January 15th, 2022 Safe Conservative


January 2022 FSA Council temporary spot election
Party Candidate % ±%
Conservative Chaogamer 94.4%
Conservative Cat Gamer 1 5.6%
Total 100%
Conservative hold


  • This election did not have a Liberal Party candidate.
  • Unlike previous elections, a candidate had declared their candidacy early on.