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This page is about the more general Kiddies. If you're looking for BonziWORLD Kiddies, Click here

Kiddie symbol.png
NicknameKiddies, Babies, GoFag
DOB/Age5-18 (mostly 7-12)
FriendsOther Kiddies, Diogo
LikesBFDI, Vyond, Numberblocks, Children Shows, BonziWORLD, YouTube, NSFW
DislikesHaters, Mature People, Dislikes, Other Kiddies

Kiddies are a class of users all around the internet that show (usually) aggressive, immature, and NSFW loving behaviours. Kiddies can be seen everywhere e.g. YouTube, Discord servers, TMAFE (though most of them were banned with some being put in FMOD), BonziWORLD, MSAgent (mainly Norbika's fan base) and other places. Many Kiddies tend to be young, ranging from 5 all the way to 18 years old, with more common being from 7 to 12 years old. Many Kiddies show the very known "GoFag" behaviours, such as "grounding" someone or calling them a bad user. Kiddies have since been in many places due to migrations and community-colonizations.


The Kiddies show their origins in the Vyond Community and Object Show Community, due to those communities' tolerance of small angered children. As of 2013-present, they are migrating to other communities and even full on colonize them with their immaturity.

Other theories suggest that Kiddies originate from YouTube, but never formed nor occupied a community of their own, but many modern-day Kiddies show GoFag behaviours, so this theory is weak.

Kiddies never call themselves a Kiddie so it means that this is just a term that someone came up with to describe their behaviors (if they are immature).

Masked Kiddies

Masked Kiddies are Kiddies that pretend to be mature to prevent being banned and enter mature areas by simulating improvement. The "masking" technique is quite different from using alternative accounts.


Kiddies have the capabilities of migrating into and joining communities and absorbing most of its contents. Kiddies are know to colonize:

  • (Community Name) - (Year) - (Person Responsible)
  • BonziWORLD - 2017 - Diogo
  • Vyond/Goanimate - 20XX - Unknown
  • Battle For Dream Island/Object Shows - 201X - Unknown
  • Logo Editing - 20XX - Unknown
  • My Singing Monsters - 2016 - Unknown
  • My Singing Monsters (Second Colonizing) - 2020 - Diogo
  • MSAgent - 2016 - Norbika
  • Numberblocks - 2018 - Ivan Tube
  • TVOKids - 2019 - Ivan Tube
  • TVOKids (Second Colonizing) - 2020 - AidenTV
  • Baldi's Basics - 2018 - Unknown
  • Friday Night Funkin' - 2021 - BfsWifeForever (Sky)


Symbols and flags


  • Some of them have their own terminologies such as the word "kiko", which means "be happy" in Japanese.
  • Most kiddies become enraged upon being called a "kiddie".
  • There used to be a "special poo finger kiddie" role in TMAFE but it got removed during Late January - Early February 2022 due to it being considered a useless role by the administration.