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Kimiko-icon.png Kimiko Kimiko-icon.png
NicknameKimi, Kimiko, that anime girl
FriendsIsaac-icon.png Isaac

Noiconicon.png one of the osis members

Ciphericon2.png Lucas

Arvand-icon.png Arvand
EnemiesKaito-icon.png JEJO
LikesK-pop and other stuff
DislikesBeing Doxxed by Kaito

Kimiko is a friend of Isaac in his school. Isaac told Cipher about Kaito doxxing her parents Instagram account, so she sent a voice message for Cipher via Isaac's phone to Cipher's WhatsApp. And Cipher gave her the messages about Kaito doxxing her parents. Cipher is trying to help her from Kaito. On November 14th, 2019, Cipher is being pissed off at Isaac because he got information from Arvand that Kimi likes another guy. He didn't tell the guy that she likes but he censors it with 6 characters, and then Cipher screenshot the message and sends it to Isaac. Then when Isaac sees the censored words, he found out that Luqman is the one that Kimi likes, and then Cipher got even pissed off because of it. He said that Kimi got the wrong guy to like, the right one is Cipher. Isaac doesn't know to do something until Kimi likes Cipher. On 22nd November 2019, she broke her leg due to falling, and then Cipher found out. He felt really bad for him. Then the next week a discord user went into the frontier and he started to doxx Cipher's dad's name and claiming that Kimiko is his' and they keep fighting, until the user got banned by Seamus.


  • She is a K-POP lover.
  • She was doxxed by Kaito.
  • She is Cipher's girlfriend.