Konnor88 the Video Game

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Konnor88 the Video Game
NameKonnor88 the Video Game
Initial release2018
Latest version1.2.0
Written inClickTeam Fusion
SuccessorKonnor88 the Video Game 2: The RPG Quest

Konnor88 the Video Game is a game made by Chaogamer where you play as Konnor88 to defeat TheNixMin, who was a major enemy at the time of this game's creation - 2018. The game is very simple and was made in ClickTeam Fusion. There are levels where you have to avoid obstacles and you also can collect items such as Microsoft Agent character file icons, crystals or unidentified blue circles with a question mark on them. Some of the items are, however, impossible to collect due to their collision boxes being entirely inside of a wall. The game also suffers from other issues, such as being able to jump up infinitely or easily getting out of bounds and falling forever. The games can be downloaded from here:https://sites.google.com/view/chaofilms/games?authuser=0


The game's successor is called Konnor88 the Video Game 2: The RPG Quest. Contrary to the first game which used a side-view camera angle, the second one uses an oblique projection similar to EarthBound. This decision fixed the issue with infinite falling and infinite jumping, but it also introduced more issues as now you can go out of bounds on every level in every direction by just walking. The RPG Quest also introduced a simple battle system instead of just collecting enemies like an item. There are 3 locations in the game - home, a maze and a boss battle with MAV. The game was once again made in ClickTeam Fusion and it has visible signs of low effort.

Konnor88 Kart

There also is a spinoff to the games called Konnor88 Kart. The concept is very similar to the Mario Kart series of games, however it uses a top-down camera projection. There are 4 playable characters - Konnor88, MAV, Chaogamer and Kekcroc. The game once again has signs of very low effort - the player can only turn the car slightly while the car itself keeps moving forward uncontrollably. In the meantime, the other cars go backwards which results in the player's car inevitable winning. There are 4 levels - a beach, a road, Hacker City (consisting of poorly drawn lines) and a rainbow. The game also was made in ClickTeam Fusion and its menu is very similar to The RPG Quest.

Konnor88 the Video Game 3

Chaogamer worked with ProDev to make Konnor88 the Video Game 3. It stopped development following an argument about what game engine should be used for the game. ProDev suggested the Stencyl game engine, which worked similar to Scratch. Chaogamer thought that ClickTeam Fusion should be used as that is what powered the other games. Inactivity was another reason for the game's cancellation. Three builds of the games exist, though all three have been lost. The game itself was originally going to be a platformer game. The builds had two levels, consisting of an overworld level and an underground level. The game also has updated sprites and some assets from GDevelop. There are rumors of three builds still existing on DanielM's hard drive.


On the 15th of June, 2021, Soundcard rediscovered the forgotten game and shared a recording of it to ML5, which sparked a conversation during which Cipher got the idea of speedrunning it due to an exploit where you can spam the Shift key on your computer's keyboard to quickly skip all of the levels. Minutes after that, SC submitted the first run.

Speedrun Chart


  1. Konnor88 - 00:00:01.133 (ignore the LiveSplit counter, it's inaccurate)
  2. Soundcard - 00:00:01.200