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L'exagon is one of the original members of TMAFE who joined near the time it began in May 2018. He is from the state of Maharashtra in India. He rejoined TMAFE on April 18th, 2021 after being found to still be online on April 17th.

Satellite Mapping / Gigabyte Mapping

In 2018, he was known as Satellite Mapping and Gigabyte Mapping. He used to produce mapping content with a countryball style similar to that of popular mappers at the time. He also had formed the Mappers Union, which was one of the largest mapping servers ever until being nuked by T-SERIES Mapping in 2019. However, he eventually got removed from power in Mappers Union by TRM, after he had made a joke about banning TRM. Afterwards, TRM demoted him and eventually banned him, which caused a civil war among the MU members with TMAFE picking Satellite's side in mid-2018. Eventually, things settled down but he had later abandoned his 2 previous identities. He briefly returned under a different name in the mapping community in 2019 as Vinco Mapping but eventually quit that account as well.

The Return

On April 17th, 2021, while TMAFE was discussing about old times and old members from before, Konnor had noticed Satellite as active on another platform. Konnor immediately notified the council and the main server, before allowing United World to do the first contacting, as United was the closest to him, with Konnor and Sossie being the 2nd most close. Satellite accepted the request to return to Discord and contact was re-established with him officially on April 18th, 2021. He was also promoted to moderator following the shortage of a mod after TMAFE was nuked on April 18th, 2021.


  • He and United World are two TMAFE members from India.
  • He was one of the first 10 members inside of TMAFE.
  • Despite the timing seeming suspicious to some, it is a coincidence that he had joined TMAFE a day after the server wondering where he was, as Konnor had noticed him as being active again.
  • He hasn't stated if he plans to return to mapping or not, but he most likely won't.