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Noiconicon.png Lantern Noiconicon.png
NicknameVisegrád, Vis, Fish
DOB/AgeJune 22nd
FriendsMLIcon.png ML5
EnemiesTMAFicon.png The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire

Lantern is a member and one of the admins of ML5, while also being an enemy of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire due to Community War 12. He is one of the people who first joined TMAFE through Soundcard in 2020. Before that, he only was in the original Mapper League.


  • He once had to leave the ML from January to September 2019 due to not being allowed by his parents to use Discord.
  • He was elected as an admin in ML5 after Duč stepped down and left.
  • One of his nicknames is NOT derived from the Madness Combat character Deimos.