Liberal Party (TMAFE)

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Liberal Party
NameLiberal Party
FoundedDecember 2019
Registered2.9% (July 2021)
Alignmentcenter-left to left
SloganProgress is everything.
FSA Council seats
0 / 10
Upper-Legislative Branch seats
0 / 8
FSS seats
0 / 5
E-nationThe Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire

The Liberal Party of TMAFE is a left-wing progressive political party inside of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. It was founded in December 2019 upon the first advisor election alongside its rival the Conservative Party. It had lost every advisor election until advisor elections and has yet to win any FSA council temporary spot elections. In fact, all other parties besides the Conservative Party were deleted after advisor elections ended due to them always receiving zero to two votes every election. It was later re-introduced in July 2021 for council seat elections. The other two left-wing parties that the advisor election had were the Communist Party and Environmental Party of TMAFE which were considered merged with the Liberal Party after it was reintroduced.

It is the rival of the Conservative Party, which currently holds all seats in all three branches of TMAFE's government, thus granting the Conservative Party of TMAFE a supermajority and a full trifecta. The demographics of the party skew towards logo editors and scratchers.


The primary stances of the Liberal Party are progressivism and leftism. The party wants to make TMAFE more tolerant of enemy groups such as furries and vyonders. They also want to make TMAFE more progressive and become more tolerant of xenopronouns, tone indicators, and want to repeal any anti-progressive restrictions.


Advisor elections

The Liberal Party and the two other parties it had merged with to form the current one had lost every single advisor election to the Conservative Party.

Council seat elections

As of July 2021, there have been no elections with a Liberal Party candidate yet. However, the current amount of voters registered with the party is 2.9%, a very small minority compared to the 97.1% of its rival the Conservative Party.


  • It was founded in December 2019 upon Advisor elections being created the same month.
  • It currently uses the same logo as the Democratic Party, which is considered the liberal party of the United States.
  • It holds no seats in all three branches of TMAFE.
  • The main groups registered with it are logo editors.