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Win9XHelpIcon.png This article is about a historical user that is no longer relevant to the community.


Logan Abner is a Cartoonist, Former Microsoft Agent YouTuber and CGI Animator who lives in Monticello, KY. His original main OC was the diapered samurai version of himself, who appears to be an ABDL ever since the great American eclipse. But due to a lack of valuable scripts for the 4th installment, his new main OC was the Doctor Strange variation of himself. His OC is subject to change, as Logan has a few ideas up his short sleeves. Logan was banned from TMAFE on August 17th, 2020 due to a shit storm that's caused by Alex's 2nd eternal brawl. As of September, be permanently left MSAgent due to JeremyFanGirl breaking his bargain (Stop making videos out of my MSAgent friends! Block our MSAgent enemies (Ofek, Alexandros, etc)! Quit GoAnimate! Ditch the GoAnimate terms! And never return!). The same month, he returned because he thought JeremyFanGirl stopped. But his ability to leave MSAgent was removed permanently. But then again, he quit TMAFE again because his headphones broke. He later came back after finding some earbuds, but since Alex and Kolya hate him for that, he was forced to make a video out of them. He originally was gonna force JeremyFan Girl to quit GoAnimate, but everyone disagreed, as it's impossible. At the beginning of October, Jeremy finally listens and hated TMAFE 2. In early November, he got banned for being aggressive towards republicans in the TMAFE server and threatening to declare civil war after being told to respect Konnor88's opinion on Trump multiple times. He also was accused of making a "Joe Biden Fan" raider alternative account, which raided a few TMAFE servers since some other Frontierians wouldn't comply with his demands to not be conservative. After all of that, Logan retired from MSAgent to recover from the disaster of politics. His ABDL self insert committed suicide as a result. On June 10th, 2021, Logan got his YouTube channel hacked as a result of hackers hacking his channel, changing his channel name and uploading their own tutorial (scam) videos with clickbait thumbnails until the videos were deleted. It's unclear who deleted the videos, but it is suspected Logan noticing his videos and deleting them is the possible reason.


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Johnny's Adventures

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  • His formal logo is the blue ROBLOX logo.
  • His current logo is the blue Ye (L in Hybrith).
  • His full logo name is Yeouegmaen.
  • He is currently working on Johnny's Adventures.
  • Ever since the account his brother set up for his computer broke, Logan has quit the 3DMM community due to it's devastating damage.
    • Luckily, he can just re-import the directories to fix the problem.
  • In fact, since the start menu and other stuffs on his computer broke, Logan quit V3DMM for the third time. So he's stuck with regular 3DMM. But then he found out he can set the compatibility to Windows XP in order to return to V3DMM once again.
    • Currently, he reset his computer to fix it.
  • As of September 28, 2020, his computer stopped working.
  • As of December 1, 2020, a few of the frontierians started bullying him and calling him kiddie all because he went to BonziWORLD as a depression site since he was banned from TMAFE.
    • He WAS gonna destroy TMAFE by starting a rebellion after his opinion respecting gone wrong, but fortunately a video of a stress relief putty prevented him from doing so.
  • He made the final MSAgent video on January 30th, 2021, ending his MSAgent career once and for all.