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Neethy is a former member of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire and a current administrator of the ML, which succeeds the place where she came from. She also formerly was a mapper and a countryballer, although she now focuses on other things. She earlier was in the Frontier Security Agency, however then the FSA was reformed without her. She attempted to run for one of the FSA Council Electable Spot elections, however she was disqualified after verifying Soundcard in the main server (and allegedly inviting him there too, even though she didn't do so). This made her a Tier 3 enemy, but later she also got falsely accused of inviting Soundcard in the server (which was actually done by Sossie) and became a Tier 5 enemy. On 1 April 2021, along with Soundcard and the removal of Tier 5, she was moved to Tier 4.


  • She once had a semi-god/god role in TMAFE Main Province.
  • She is one of the veterans of the Mapper League, as she joined it in mid-2018.