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Win9XHelpIcon.png This article is about a historical user that is no longer relevant to the community.

This article is about Norbika9Entertainment, the leader of TMAC. If you were looking for Norbika the Maker, click here.

N9eicon.png Norbika9Entertainment N9eicon.png
NameJámbor Norbert
NicknameNorbika9Entertainment, Norbika9Productions, Norbika9Studios, Norbika9Video, Norbika9Entertainment the BBC Lover 2017, N9E, N9S, N9V, Blair14Studios, Jámbor Norbert, Norbert, @MsagentNorbert, GoFag, Scumbag
Enemies"Bad Users"
LikesGoAnimate / Vyond, MS Agent, GoAnimate Terms, Hungary
Dislikes"Bad Users"
StatusActive (Vyond)

Norbika9Entertainment (Known in real life as Jámbor Norbert)(Born on March 17th, 2004) is a former Microsoft Agent Tuber from Hungary. He was also the president of the Microsoft Agent Community when he first joined the community in 2016. His channel came to an end on May 7, 2018. He then created a new channel named Blair14Studios, but then he got exposed by United World shortly after. He is currently focusing on other content, like doing Vyond videos, and not paying attention to Microsoft Agent.

On June 7th, 2018, one month after his channel came to an end, TMAFE made a poll regarding if they should terminate his channel, with most of the votes saying yes. Later that day, TMAFE terminated N9E's channel.


  • He had 9 accounts in total, which include Norbika9Video, Norbika9Studios, Norbika9Entertainment, Norbika9Entertainment GoAnimate, Norbika9production, Norbika9Plotagon, G4P TV, Blair14Studios and Doris13Entertainment.
  • He is also known as Norbert.
  • On April 25th, 2017, Norbika9Studios was ended by Supercute384 and FreeKix 2. On the same day, he brought himself back as Norbika9Entertainment.
  • G4P tv G4ps created Norbika9Video, Norbika9Studios, and Norbika9Entertainment.
  • April 25th, 2018 is the day where his first era got ended and then he created Norbika9production. He later stopped activity on the N9P channel afterwards to go back to N9E, before finally having his era end after that.
  • The residence that he lives in is Szabadidö Központ, Komádi, Hajdu Bihar County. It is unknown if he has moved to a new residence or not.