November 2021 FSA Council temporary spot election

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November 2021 FSA Council temporary spot election
← October 2021 November 19th, 2021 December 2021 →
Candidate General Security Duč
Party Conservative Party Liberal Party
Percentage 95.8% 4.2%

Candidate Unbojih Pollball
Party Conservative Party Liberal Party
Percentage 0% 0%

Results of the election

Council member before election

Adam Hegazy
Conservative Party

Elected Council member

General Security
Conservative Party

The November 2021 FSA Council temporary spot election occurred on November 19th, 2021. The incumbent of the temporary seat Adam Hegazy was term-limited and was unable to run for re-election. Four candidates have declared their candidacy for this election. Unbojih and General Security were running under the Conservative Party while Pollball and Duč were running under the Liberal Party.


Campaigning consisted of mass spam of the Chat Revive Ping and also bringing up social issues throughout the campaign that have happened over the past few months.


List of council endorsements
Council member Endorsement
Konnor88 General Security
United World General Security
Isaac General Security
Cyberblue General Security
Adam Hegazy General Security
NTVMB General Security


General Security was largely expected to win this election. However, when Duč entering the race, things seemed competitive in the race for the council seat. However, it became more favorable to General Security after he asked if Duč supported abortion in the debate. It also became less competitive due to conflicts with Duč and the TMAFE server members after bringing up progressive related content. This also caused the race to be completely polarized like the previous races and ultimately put General on top.

Date Ranking
November 10th, 2021 Likely Conservative
November 11th, 2021 Safe Conservative


Polling data
Poll Date General Security Unbojih Duč Pollball
November 10th, 2021 100% 0% 0% 0%


November 2021 FSA Council temporary spot election
Party Candidate % ±%
Conservative General Security 95.8% +0.3%
Liberal Duč 4.2% -0.3%
Conservative Unbojih 0%
Liberal Pollball 0% -4.5%
Total 100%
Conservative hold


  • This election continued the trend of people not declaring their candidacy immediately after the previous election.
  • This election has a small chance of being competitive if Duč manages to gain traction in popularity.