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Ossetiaicon.png Oleg Karginti Ossetiaicon.png
E VEf2PMHhg.jpg
NameEnglish: Oleg Karginti
Digoric: Гъæргинти Алег, Махъой Алег
Age16 years old
FriendsGoodicon1.png All the people on his side, but here are some notable ones:

Konnor88CrownIcon.png Konnor88
UnitedIcon.png United World
Englishicon.png Sossie
IsaacIcon.png Isaac
GiggityIcon.png TheGiggityPringles

GliczideIcon.png Gliczide
EnemiesEnemyicon1.png All of his enemies
LikesMapping, Geography, Technology, TMAFE, Microsoft Agent, Calmness, Computer games, History, Atlas, Geopolitics, Christianity
DislikesEnemies, Anti-Mappers, Satanism, Atheism, Communism

Oleg is a mapper and former MS Agent tuber, a member and in the Frontier Security Agency council.


Oleg first got acquainted with the Internet in early 2008 years.

He has made his first YouTube channel at the 14th of July, 2013. He has joined the TMAFE in 2018.


  • He is a former Microsoft Agent Tuber.
  • Oleg know 2 few languages. This is his native, English.
  • His hobby is Mapping. He also loves geography and history and programming.
  • His birthday is on the 13th of April.


TMAFE Friends

I treat positively those who do it in return:

Konnor88 - I met him at the beginning of 2017, we always find a common language to talk about programming and all sorts of topics about TMAFE.

Sossie - My acquaintance, in the beginning there was some enmity that we had long faced, now the relationship is established in a positive position.

United World - My secondary friend, about whom we have a positive relationship, we always find a common language about programming and geopolitics.

Glicz - A very good friend with whom we can mutually help each other.

Isaac - A acquaintance, position is a good positive, as communication is rare.

TheGiggityPringles - Is my acquaintance with whom we will find a more common language, always respected his opinion, and the calmest participant.


Treat those who try to stick my back in a knife.