Oleg Karginti

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Ossetiaicon.png Oleg Karginti Ossetiaicon.png
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NameEnglish: Oleg Karginti

Ossetian: Хъæрджынты Олег

Russian:Олег Каргинти
NicknameOleg6Studios (2017-2018) Oleg Karginti (2018-2020)
FriendsAll friends.
EnemiesTseriesmapping1icon.png T-SERIES Mapping
LikesCountryballs, games, drawing, Friends, Mapping.
DislikesHackers, LGBTQ+, Communism, Capitalism, Nazi, politic stuffs, enemies, Anti Mapping.

Oleg Karginti is a mapper and former MS Agent tuber from the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Russia.


Oleg has made his first YouTube channel at the 14th of July, 2013. He has joined the TMAFE in 2018.


  • He's from Russia, and he lives in Republic North Ossetia.
  • He is a former Microsoft Agent Tuber. He quit MS Agent in 2018.
  • Oleg know 3 few languages. This is his native, Russian, English.
  • His hobby is Mapping. He also loves geography and history and probably Algebra.
  • His birthday is on the 13th of April.


TMAFE Friends

Konnor88 - King of TMAFE! Also i met him since 2017 or 2018.

Sossie - Friend.

United World - My friend too, but in the conflict I am neutral. Means I do not support anyone. Now he's still nice.

Glicz - Good russian friend. We have a very good relationship with him. But sometimes we rarely communicate.

IsaacGaming07 - Nice and good friend.

Cipher - Good portuguese friend. We used to hate each other too. Now we have a normal relationship.


Kitty - AAAA, she alive.

Bluetone - Pending a opinion..

Iluy95Studios - The guy from Israel, we has neutral relationship, maybe i knew him.


Matt Cosman - Since I have known you for a long time ... I remember you mistook me for Oleg Ganin... I don't know but i am neutral to him tbh.


T-series Mapping - Screw you, faggot.