Operation Butler

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Operation Butler was an operation and a community which was first made to overthrow Norbika9Entertainment. After the operation succeeded, many people in The Microsoft Agent Community moved to this place. This time, the community was influenced by object shows (some examples of those are Battle for Dream Island or Inanimate Insanity). However, it was short-lived, due to many people being banned from the community quite frequently, with Terence being the last person banned before people were tired of false bans. Shortly afterwards, Konnor88 split from it and created The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire, which caused the people to move communities again. Shortly afterwards, OB went on the decline, mainly consisting of only a few MS Agenters who were unaware of TMAFE and some people from the object show community. In June 2018, OB and remnants of TMAC were annexed into TMAFE. In June 2020, it was revived, however due to long-lasting drama between ItzCrazyScout and Losky and the Operation's very reviving itself, the Frontierian-Seamus War started and OB was disbanded again the same day.


  • It only lasted from April to June 2018 and for one day in June 2020 (only about 2 months with a almost 2 year long break in between), which makes it one of the shortest lived Microsoft Agent communities of all time.
  • Operation Butler is one of the primary reasons TMAFE isn't very strict when it comes to some rules.
  • It is unknown if Operation Butler had a official logo or not. Or else it could be missing.