Progressive Party (Limberwisk)

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The Progressive Party of Limberwisk is a political party in the Republic of Limberwisk. The Progressive Party of Limberwisk is often meant to promote progressive ideas in Limberwisk, and to create a progressive, politically correct society.

Economic Platform

The Progressive Party's economic platform is to force a "fair share" of the rich, and to force equal wages for all workers and progressive income taxes. All in the party are left-of-center, and campaign on the promises to "take care of the labouring class." Progressives believe that all should have the same amount of money, and that the accumulation of wealth is "morally unjust."

Immigration Platform

The Progressive Party's immigration platform is globalistic in it's roots, forcing open borders in the country, allowing all to come in as they please, without border protection. Many in the Progressive Party would accuse the Democratic Party, the major party opposite to the progressive party, of being "hostile to the immigration of those who are suffering and in need of help."