Red Brain Productions

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Noiconicon.png Red Brain Productions Noiconicon.png
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NameRed Brain Productions
NicknameRed Brain, RBP, Kieran, Kieran G&A, Pixelworks
EnemiesTMAFicon.png The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire
LikesMicrosoft Agent, N9E, Ibuki Mioda, FNAF
DislikesBeing called out as Keiran, TMAFE, Criticism
The diss track Red Brain Productions had made against TMAFE before the war started.

Red Brain Productions was an alternate account by Kieran to hide his identity and to make Microsoft Agent videos which was created on March 17th,2021. This account was later spotted by The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire by United initially. TMAFE had gotten Unbojih to try and attempt to contact him, but he was stubborn against listening to TMAFE. This eventually lead to United and Konnor88 making a rant on him and causing him to downfall in the process. This later evolved into a war and Gliczide was able to expose him as Kieran. Kieran deleted the alternative account afterwards.


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  • He is an alternate account of Kieran.
  • He is from the U.K.
  • He has a fetish on an anime series named Heroes, which is the reason why he made so many of those characters of them in MS Agent.