S11 Emergency

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S11 Emergency is the special codename for an emergency which is declared when the monarch of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire suddenly goes missing and inactive. Along with a S11, a State of Emergency, State of Disaster and a category 5 shit storm are declared. Shortly after the emergency, elections for a temporary monarch are held. Drills for such an event have been happening since 2019 to ensure stability and control of the situation. As of December 2021, it has been declared one time with the temporary resignation of Konnor88.

1st S11 Emergency

The first S11 emergency was declared on December 27th, 2021 at 5:36 AM EST due to Konnor88's resignation from TMAFE two hours prior. Konnor requested for his ownership spot to be reserved unless he does not come back by late 2023 and for many elements of the community to stay the same as before. Konnor has also stated that he might come back if it only turns out to be a break, but if TMAFE goes down a path he considers negative, his retirement would automatically become permanent. Elections for a new temporary monarch were held between United World, Isaac, Cyberblue and Sossie; Sossie allegedly won, but control of the server has been given to the entire FSS. Along with the S11, the fifth State of Emergency, the fifth State of Disaster and Shit Storm Zhani have been declared. The S11 ended along with Konnor's return on January 2nd, 2022.


  • It has only been declared once.
  • A category 5 shit storm is declared along with a S11, despite the fact that the TMAFE Discord server often stays calm during one.