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SebastianIcon.png Sebastian SebastianIcon.png
NameSebastian Martinez
NicknameSebas (family), Seb (PBU and normal nickname), Sebastian M. (and Sebbo) (Paperwork and stuff), Sewastian (Starbucks misspelling)
FriendsGoodicon1.png All allies, but here are some notable ones:
Konnor88CrownIcon.png Konnor88
UnitedIcon.png United World
Wildcaticon.png WildcatOfficial
GiggityIcon.png TheGiggityPringles
IluyIcon.png Iluy95studios
IsaacIcon.png Isaac
OssetiaIcon.png Oleg Karginti
Englishicon.png Sossie
DavidLimeBall.png David Lime
GabrielHill98Icon.png Gabrielhill98
NoIconIcon.png Ayden Wavra
Goodicon1.png Handsomeboy23344
LogoEditorIcon.png TTSMedia
LogoEditorIcon.png Alden
LogoEditorIcon.png Enzo
LogoEditorIcon.png Rycster
LogoEditorIcon.png NLS01
LogoEditorIcon.png Codelyokofan2002
NeutralLogoEditorIcon.png Jay Productions
LogoEditorIcon.png Freakshow
LogoEditorIcon.png Xomdjl_
BlueTone Icon thingy .png TheNixMin
EnemiesEnemyicon1.png All enemies, but here are some notable ones:
TSMIcon.png T-SERIES Mapping
CipherIcon.png Cipher
NoIconIcon.png Devon Lawler
NoIconIcon.png Logan Swan
LikesMS Agents, Polandball, Memes, His own electronics, Logos, ATHF, Making Jokes, Adult Swim, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Wildcaticon.png his bf
DislikesNoiconicon.png his fucking brother trying to annoy him, Libtards, Anti-Semitism, Nazis, Kids shows

Sebastian is a MS Agent Tuber that joined the Frontier in 2018 near the date it was founded. He is from Nevada, and formerly lived in California. However, he now lives in Arizona with his family. He used to be an A.D.L. member, but after realizing that A.D.L. is bad, he left and he joined the POE after Norbert thought he was an enemy. In 2017, he also formed his community, The Gates of Bravo. He was a well-known member inside of TMAC, and later joined TMAFE in 2018 shortly after it was founded. In fact, he was one of the first people to join it. He later became a well-known member in TMAFE as well, and even the first TMAFE member to ever get a god role. He is also in the logo community. In December 2020, he was ejected from TMAFE. However, he was allowed to return in early March 2021 with some restrictions.


  • He is part of the logo community.
  • Both him and Konnor got their accounts terminated at the same time back in February 2019.
  • He once fought in a war that affected the logo community a little. Nowadays, they are neutral to him.
  • As of May 2018, he quit MS Agent to move on to other things, but he occasionally comes back and makes videos on it.
  • He is the owner of The Gates of Bravo.
  • He was ejected from TMAFE in December 2020 but was allowed to return with some restriction in March 2021.