Steve Jobs

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NameYwain (IRL), Steve Jobs (Online)
NicknameYwain, Steve Jobs, Steve, Стив Джобс, AppleFan2019
FriendsGoodicon1.png All the people on his side, but here

are some notable ones:

Konnor88kingicon.png Konnor88

Unitedworldicon1.png United World

Sebastianicon1.png Sebastian

Ciphericon2.png Cipher
EnemiesEnemyicon1.png All the people on the bad side, but here are some notable ones:

Tseriesmapping1icon.png T-SERIES Mapping

Rusball.png Soundcard
LikesApple, TMAFE, Steve Jobs, MS Agent, MacOS, iOS, AppleTV, Apple Music
DislikesAnti-Mappers, Windows

Steve Jobs is a Frontierian in The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. He first joined around mid-2019, and opened up his first project, the Apple Fast Food Bot. The bot was later discontinued after the source code was destroyed. The server for it was later donated to TMAFE and became the new place for the Byzantinople colony. He was also a FSA Council member, but has been retired and given ROOT role for doing such a good job while being in council.

Shortly after in late 2019, he formed the Anti-Countryhuman Horde, a horde group against countryhumans, similar to the Anti-Countryhuman League territory of TMAFE, as they both use non-raiding methods to combat countryhumans. However, it died rather quickly and was only semi-successful.


  • He donated the Apple Fast Food bot server to replace the Byzantinople colony.
  • He is the leader of the Anti-Countryhuman Horde.
  • His in real life name is Ywain.
  • He lives in California and uses a Mac.