T-SERIES Mapping

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NameT-SERIES Mapping
NicknameTSM, T-Series Charles, Shuriman
DOB/Ageapproximately 2003 (20 years ago)
FriendsNone, besides a few people:

Enemyicon1.png 3x3x

Enemyicon1.png Other anti-mappers and enemies of the Frontier
EnemiesGoodicon1.png Mappers (his main enemy) Goodicon1.png MS Agenters
LikesTrolling, raiding, copystriking
DislikesMapping, Maps, Hobbies, MS Agent

T-Series Mapping is an anti-mapper widely known for his claims that he will destroy mapping. The mapping community has been at war with him since May of 2019. The Frontier also joined the war. T-Series Mapping has over 100 alternative accounts, and raided many servers (most of them were mapping servers). At one point during T-Day I, he attempted to raid The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire, but was unsuccessful, as most of his alternative accounts were easily spotted, there was a verification system, and TMAFE having very good security. He hates all mappers and their allies. He once manipulated Konnor88 with an alternative account to get admin in United Mapping Nation, a mapping section of TMAFE; he was successful, and nuked the server. He also has confirmed he is an anti-mapper because he wants attention. He was also possibly behind the raid of United World Server V7 before the server was deleted (though it's unconfirmed).

He also striked mappers like Bace Bulgarian or Korean Mapping and harassed small mappers like Idaho Mapping. Although he's no longer a serious threat to mappers and the Frontier, he created anti-mapping itself and some people took inspiration from him.


  • He has raided over 30 servers in total, mainly mapping servers, although some were MS Agent servers.
  • He has made over 200 alts, and made 80+ alts in one day while raiding one server at one point.
  • Some people consider him to be behind 3x3x accounts, even though those were alts of Soundcard.
  • He is the main reason on why United Mapping Nation was shutdown.
  • He has confirmed he is doing it for attention.

2020 Raids

On 25 April 2020, TSM attempted raiding TMAFE, however he failed. After that, he raided Red Dragon's Server and Isaac's server. He then posted gore in Flanders Fields. Sossie proceeded to lock down TMAFE, Chaoland and Isaakist G19 to prevent further raids.

A screenshot of a TSM alt attempting to the raid the The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire.