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The TMAFE Character Uploader is used by hundreds of people to upload, distribute, and share Microsoft Agent character files. The maximum file size for a character is 32 MBs, and a character must have a different file name than an existing character in the current ms-agent-hosting directory.

Potential errors

When uploading a character, you may experience these errors:

Sorry, file already exists. Try adding a _ at the end of its name (such as File_.acs) and add another if the same error occurs again.

Solution: Add a _ at the end of the ACS file. This can be done by right clicking the ACS file, clicking rename, then adding a _ before the ".acs".

Sorry, your file is too large. A character must be 32 MBs or less to be uploaded.

Solution: Do not forget to have the "Compress" checkbox checked when compiling your character with the Microsoft Agent Character Editor. If this is not possible, you may leave a message on this [[Talk:TMAFE Help:Uploading a character|talk page]].

Sorry, only ACS ,ACF, and ACD files are allowed.

Solution: Make sure you are uploading an ACS/ACF/ACD file and not a ZIP, EXE, or any other file type. Please extract the character out of the ZIP or EXE and try again.

Sorry, your file was not uploaded.

Solution: Make sure you selected your file properly, as you may have accidentally misclicked and selected no file at all to be uploaded.

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